Why 2021 Might Be a Good Time To Get Into the Real Estate Business

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With the Coronavirus pandemic depressing the national economy for nearly a calendar year as we enter into 2021, real estate investors and business-oriented individuals are poised for a unique opportunity. Real estate has always been a strong vehicle for investment and some of the United States’ and the world’s wealthiest individuals rely on property assets as the mainstay of their portfolios.

Purchasing property once felt like a template for wealth creation, one of many staples of investment exclusively restricted to these high net worth investors in the U.S., but this is no longer the case. Truly anyone can buy into this durable market in the modern age of borrowers, lenders, bridge loans, credit, and capital. With unique mobility not seen before and a market wracked by chaos, there has perhaps not been a time ripe for investors like today in more than a decade. Now is the time to locate the best business card printing and start your small business journey into the world of United States real estate enterprise.

Buy when the market is down.


Volatility is the best friend of an investor looking to create wealth over the long term. Short term volatility gives a buyer the ability to lock in artificially low pricing on his or her targeted buys. This is a strategy that is highly effective in the stock market, and one that bleeds over into every other commodity market on the planet. ‘Buy low, sell high’ is a mantra that is simple, yet powerfully effective. But in order to tap into this vein of capital earning potential, you must start with your research. Any investor worth their salt will tell you that emotion, fear, and uncertainty, cloud the judgment of every stock picker and property mogul. By defeating these emotional responses and retaining a calculated capital-driven endeavor you’ll have a crucial part of the package. Utilizing analytics and research is the best way forward, and this approach offers the only opportunity for investors to consistently enjoy significant returns on their investments. Anything else is glorified gambling. Thankfully, the market exists with a rich suite of analytical tools to help you transform your investment potential into a stable of perennial winners.

Utilize capital flows.


The real estate industry is unique in that borrowed capital is the norm for purchasing high-quality commodities on the market with short term loans and bridge loans with few exclusions. Bridge loans in Oregon are a great option and form a crucial component of the buying process, and new homeowners typically must only come up with roughly 10 to 20 percent upfront in order to gain entry into the marketplace (although in some instances a no down payment loan can be secured). Mortgages are no joke, but the ability to borrow huge portions of the purchase price is your best asset as a real estate investor. This gives you the ability to focus totally on the property itself in order to create the highest possible return.

It is important to remember though that real estate investing is broken down into two primary categories, and each silo of investment opportunities requires a unique approach to the buying, mortgaging, and listing process.

Flipping homes is one avenue that small businesses engaged in property assets take to create wealth. Borrowers looking to flip homes often find that their best option is a low-capital intensive approach that defers as much of the repayment obligation as possible. This is because you will be relisting the home as fast as you can. This approach sees a borrower purchase a home—preferably at a steep discount—quickly renovate the property, and then re-list it and sell for a profit. Once the sale is finalized the bank will be paid first, naturally. This means that any repayments that are made before the sale will come out of pocket, only to be ‘reimbursed’ with your earnings after the fact. Keeping your own capital involvement to a minimum is the best way for home flippers to really take advantage of the discounts that foreclosures and fast sales have to offer.

Alternatively, your business card could show a real estate professional looking to branch into property management and rental space. Whether you opt for residential or commercial properties, the business day remains largely the same for your operation. This way, you will likely seek out discounts on the mortgage loan itself. You intend to hold the property for an extended period of time, meaning the smaller your monthly repayment obligation and agreed-upon interest rate owed to a lender calculates out as the greater your free cash flow will remain. Of course, you might opt to overpay on the debt in order to eliminate the mortgage faster, but this is a choice left up to you with the overflowing cash.

Always be professional.


As a property investor, it’s important to always look your best. Including womens jackets in your regular lineup is an important part of making great first impressions on prospective buyers or renters. When people come to view your properties you want them focused on the space and its potential impact on their lives rather than the slovenly appearance of you or your business partner. Introducing yourself with a smile, smart look, and professional-looking business card of your own design is a great way to make a first impression that will instill confidence and rapport.

Business cards, in particular, don’t get enough credit for being a vehicle for professionalism. By leaving a prospective client with a business card that’s been designed by a graphic design team, you’re letting them walk away with a physical reminder of their great first impression. Custom business cards set you apart from the crowd, especially when they feature your own artwork or a unique design or card size.

These first glimpses are a powerful psychological tool, and it would be the height of folly to miss this opportunity to create prosperity for yourself and your brand. First impressions are engrained in as little as seven seconds, and they can be incredibly hard to overwrite afterward. Creating a great first impression on your clients and prospective buyers will help smooth the sale or rental agreement process. When a client trusts in you they associate that positivity with the goods and services that you represent. A positive experience with you telegraphs a positive reception to the properties that you will be working to rent out or sell on.

The industry shows unique potential in the current marketplace. There is extreme room for growth from this current state of uncertainty, and therefore the time is upon you to buy into the market and propel yourself to success.