Useful Tips and Resources for Realtors

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Real estate is a great industry for people who love homes, sales, and other people. It’s highly lucrative when done right, even in the lean times. As a realtor, your number one ability must be to negotiate deals, as this will determine how much or little you make. You also need to know how to manage appointments and offer the best customer service. While keeping yourself updated on all real estate trends and news is highly relevant, that alone won’t guarantee you a consistent stream of income or high-quality house sale leads. We’ve got you covered in this article, where we give some of the best tips veteran realtors wish they knew starting.

Learn more about your customers’ needs.


Many realtors focus solely on their sales, which is often because they believe that’s what their clients need. However, there are many other questions buyers need answers to. Once answered, they’ll be more than willing to refer your services to others. To ensure you’re giving clients what they need, encourage them to ask these questions, either directly or via your website and social media platforms. The great thing about collecting this information digitally is that it can be streamlined and processed to create visual patterns. This process is known as improving the data quality of your raw data. With data integrity, every piece of information you retrieve from clients fits the intended purpose and accurately represents your clients’ needs.

Employing good quality data helps you offer better services to improve customer satisfaction. You get to answer questions before they’re asked, leaving a lasting and positive impression on your potential clients. Additionally, with good master data, you’re always seen as a pro and someone who knows what they’re about, and that’s a great look for every real estate agent.

Create a business plan.

Becoming a successful estate agent takes more than hanging your credentials on the wall or having your name appear on a real estate brochure as the agent of the month. It requires a plan that promises to offer you a financial return after the stipulated time. Unfortunately, many real estate agents live from paycheck to paycheck, with no clue how to create a stable future income. As a real estate agent, it doesn’t matter if you work with a brokerage firm or own a company, you’ll need to dedicate time to creating a comprehensive business plan no matter your route.

As much as possible, your plans should be made a year prior, using the current year’s review as a case study. Business plans always seem like an arduous task. Still, they’re necessary because they offer you insight into how best you improved over the past year and how to correct any mistakes in the following year.

Don’t forget about networking.


There’s an art to networking that makes it both rewarding and entirely fun. The best way to get the most out of every networking session is to know the best places to network and how to go about the process. From real estate expos to networking groups and meetups, some places offer you varying networking opportunities simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real estate fair to expectant parents or an expo at a children’s school—ensure that you’re always dressed professionally for your networking event.

The better you look, the more lasting your first impression. In conversation, less is more. Listen to the other person more than you speak as it helps people appreciate you more. And as much as possible, avoid asking for referrals during networking sessions, as you might come off as too “salesy” and desperate.

All in all, good data quality, along with a great business plan and customer service strategy will come in handy for real estate agents looking to climb the ladder of success.