Top Tips for Moving to the Desert

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Any time you move into a new home, you can expect lots of changes. When that new home happens to be in a different climate, those changes are all the more amplified. Moving to the desert might just be the most significant source of “climate shock,” to coin a term.

Even with years of experience as a homeowner, owning a home in the desert is a whole new experience, with plenty of challenges. From deciding on a home warranty plan to managing the logistics of your move itself, there’s a lot to consider when you move to the desert—and it’s undoubtedly worth the effort.

Understand what you’re getting into.


For the uninitiated, life in the desert will be quite a shock. Are you ready to face dust storms or “haboobs” alongside rain and other weather changes? Just as importantly, are your appliances and other furnishings ready? HVAC systems, in particular, are prone to damage caused by dust and sand.

To ensure you won’t be left suffering in the heat, consider signing up for the best home warranty in Arizona, with ample coverage for your air conditioner and general cooling system. Of course, the risk of dust isn’t the only concern to acknowledge when you plan to move to the desert, but it’s one of the most important to understand before buying your home.

Hire a helping hand.


If you’re freshly moving to the desert, you might not realize just how hot it will be. Research Scottsdale moving companies well before moving day and hire a group of professionals to move your belongings into your new home. Unlike you, these experienced movers are used to Arizona’s heat and dry climate and similar areas.

Their bodies are already acclimated to the desert, they’ll be less likely to heatstroke and other concerns—and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be less likely to pass out while moving in. The same concept applies to any contractors you hire post-relocation. Let the experts handle physical labor, at least until you’ve gotten used to the climate.

Find new ways to stay hydrated and cool down.


That same hot, dry climate that prompts you to hire movers should encourage you to drink water and stay cool—not just on moving day, but while living in the desert long-term. Whether you refill a reusable water bottle or find a ready-for-delivery water company to fill your water cooler regularly, figure out what it will take for you to stay hydrated.

Whether you find a house with a pool, install one yourself, or just book regular spa days to refresh and moisturize your skin, water will become an incomparable piece of your desert living plan.

Consider your health.


In addition to avoiding conditions like heat stroke and dehydration, desert inhabitants must take precautions against skin cancer and other risks associated with the climate’s UV rays. Beyond these, though, you’ll find there are plenty of health benefits associated with living in the desert—those positive aspects are just as important to consider.

Prepare your belongings.


Your basic plan for the move might depend on professional movers, and you’ve found a home warranty plan to cover your appliances and other essential belongings should dust or other uncontrollable elements affect them. However, you still need to consider how you’ll protect your belongings in the long term! For example, you might decide to rethink your typical storage methods or invest in climate-controlled storage units to protect your possessions despite a dryer, hotter climate than you’re used to.

Know what you’re looking forward to.


There’s a lot to consider before moving to the desert, but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing but stress. Take some time to consider the benefits of your relocation. Do you have mold allergies? Barely an issue with the desert’s dry heat. Are you stressed or sad? You’re in the right place: the sunshine of the desert will cheer you up in no time.

If the climate doesn’t especially entice you, think about why you’re moving in the first place. Are you starting an exciting new job? Congratulations! Is this the next step in a dedicated relationship? This must be such an exciting time! By looking at the (quite literal) bright side of your move, you’ll not just be ready to move to the desert—you’ll be outright excited to relocate.

With any move, you have a lot of moving pieces to manage. A move that takes you to the desert, though, has some very particular considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. First-time homebuyers and experienced homeowners alike will need to consider moving costs, storage options, extra coverage, and their own health as they move to the desert. At each step of the moving process, you’ll face a new decision—but you’ll also find yet another reason to fall in love with your new home, climate, and all.