Tips for Moving to the American South

Sunset light high desert landscape New Mexico US

The American South is a gorgeous place filled with culture and hospitality. If you’re considering moving to the American South, you should keep a few things in mind. From the food to the culture, plenty of things make the South unique. Keep reading for our tips on moving to the American South.

Cuisine and Hospitality


If you’re moving to the American South, you should know a few things about the cuisine and hospitality customs. The South is known for its delicious food, especially barbecue and fried chicken. And Southern hospitality is legendary, and people in the South are known for being friendly and welcoming. When it comes to food, try some of the regional specialties. Barbecue is popular all over the South, but each region has its own unique style.

Regarding hospitality customs, be sure to say hello to everyone you meet—even strangers on the street. For example, people in many parts of South Florida are hospitable and kind. For example, the Bekins of South Florida moving company is known for their gracious professionals and move your belongings with care and ease. Also, be prepared for lots of friendly conversation. Southerners are notorious for being talkative. There are many things to consider when moving to a new place, and the American South is no exception.



One of the biggest considerations when moving anywhere is the climate. The American South is known for its hot, humid summers and mild winters. It may take some time if you’re not used to that climate. Make sure you research the average temperatures in the area you’re considering moving to and be prepared for extreme weather conditions. Southern states are no stranger to the destructive power of tornadoes. In fact, the South sees more tornadoes than any other region in the United States. While tornadoes can occur in any state in the U.S., the states farthest south see the most tornadoes. This is because the Gulf of Mexico acts as a warm, moist air source that helps to create the unstable atmospheric conditions necessary for tornadoes to form. Tornadoes occur most commonly in the spring and early summer when the temperature difference between the cold air in the north and the warm air in the South is the greatest.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the South varies depending on the city and state you reside in and the job market. The job market in the American South is varied, depending on the state you’re moving to. Some states have a lot of opportunities in the manufacturing and agricultural industries, while others are more focused on technology and healthcare. Do your research to find out what the job market looks like in the area you’re considering.

Some general trends can be observed. Housing costs are generally lower in the South than in other regions of the country. In addition, the cost of food and transportation is also lower in the South. Healthcare costs, however, can be more expensive in the South. Overall, the cost of living in the South is lower than in other parts of the country. Generally, it’s a bit more affordable than the Northeast or West Coast, but there are still some expensive areas, like Austin, TX. The areas with the lowest living cost include small Arkansas and Mississippi towns. Make sure you research the cost of living in the areas you’re considering and budget accordingly.

Quality of Life

The quality of life in the American South can be a bit of a mixed bag, depending on your needs. Some areas are very rural and have a slower pace of life, while others are more urban and have all the amenities you could want. If you prefer a livelier setting, you may want to look into Dallas, TX, or Beaufort, SC. South Carolina, in particular, is great for families, so be sure to visit Beaufort, SC Visitor Center for more information. Consider a small town in any southern state for a more rural setting. Do your research on the different areas in the South to see what fits your lifestyle best.

Moving to the American South requires a smooth transition. Following these tips will help make a move less daunting and more enjoyable. These tips will also help you adjust to the culture and customs of the hospitable states in the South.