Tips for Decorating Your Home Hollywood Regency Style

a room with a chair and a painting on the wall

Old Hollywood movies are known for their classic and extravagant looks. Think of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire waltzing through an elegant ballroom or Joan Crawford lounging in her living room. The opulence and aesthetic oozes from these designs and the legacy of Hollywood Regency has lasted for decades.

If you’re looking to spice up your living space, no wonder you’re interested in the extravagance and luxury of Hollywood Regency. So where do you begin your journey to a life of luxury? Interior design requires a keen eye and a sense for how a room fits together before you have all the pieces. But you don’t have to be an interior designer to find the look you love. Follow these simple tips to take your space from drab to Hollywood Regency fab.

What is Hollywood Regency?

Hollywood Regency is a specific style that can often be confused for mid-century or Art Deco. While both styles influence Hollywood Regency through furniture or designs, the central theme of this design aesthetic is glam and luxury. It’s the high-class, sleek, lacquered finishes mixed with bold patterns and classic furniture. This mix of eras creates a delicate and modern design that is Hollywood Regency. The ultimate secret to this style is luxury, luxury, luxury. Ever expressed a desire to live in the era of The Great Gatsby and speakeasies? Well, now you can, in your uniquely designed, bold yet classic Hollywood Regency home.

Don’t break the bank.

While Hollywood Regency is all about luxury and extravagance, that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank on your decor. A great way to save money on interior design is through DIY projects and flea market finds. Because Hollywood Regency is all about your unique take, these are great options for your design.

The style involves one or two bold pieces among classic furniture. Usually, one central piece is all you need to inspire the rest of the room. A unique piece can usually be purchased on small business sites or you can even find supplies to make your own piece of art. Paint Loose gives you all of these options. With dedicated, passionate artists behind the company, you’re guaranteed a high-quality, personalized piece or the tools to create one on your own. Painting is fun, whether you’re a professional or just a good follower of directions. So check out the opportunities on Paint Loose to create your own paint party with any size canvas and a broad category of options. If your room needs a piece to draw everyone’s eye, it would be special to create one on your own.

Flea markets also help with an aspect of uniqueness. Because of the nature of the Hollywood Regency, you can find smaller furniture pieces to dress your room up. Finding that central theme from your art piece will help your eye gravitate toward other set dressing for your space. All at a smaller cost than brand name distributors.

Big Pieces

For your bigger pieces like bed frames and cabinets, the key is lacquer. That glossy finish gives off the ultimate air of sophistication and wealth. Otherwise, the focus on your larger pieces shouldn’t be the focus at all. In fact, with Hollywood Regency, the goal is to have the furniture fade into the background of the room. After all, you’re the star and your furniture is there to make you shine.

Small Details

While your Hollywood style requires a few big, bold pieces, you’ll want some subtle design elements as well. This can be anything from a gold plated mirrors to professionally finished picture frames to a rolling bar cart with goodies from the liquor store. The small details only add to the elegance and grandiosity of your space.

Color Palettes

For Hollywood Regency, your color palette should remain overall neutral with a few pops of color here and there. Start with basics like furniture and wall colors of black, white, and gray. Having a basic backdrop will allow your bold patterned and colorful items to really pop. Just remember not to make anything too busy. Draw the eye into one space rather than overwhelming your guests with designs.