Professional Fashion Tips for Real Estate Agents

a store with clothes from the ceiling

In a booming market across the United States, many people are working hard to earn their real estate licenses to become licensed brokers. After taking a real estate course and passing state exams, pulling together a great wardrobe for those first open houses is an important step in ensuring real estate sales success. If you recently passed your real estate exam and are looking for tips on how to dress, read on.

Working with Layers


First impressions really do matter. In a competitive market, buyers need to know their salesperson cares about their work and will work hard to help them find the right home for them. It’s not enough to pass a real estate sales course with ease. To begin to gain potential customers’ trust, you’ll want to dress to impress as well.

Part of dressing to close that deal is all in the layering. In the same way, your success as a realtor will come with your ability to understand closings, fair housing, fair pricing, and cash values, building up a great real estate wardrobe will mean many layers to draw on as you go. Anyone who’s just passed a real estate exam already knows that the financial reward of their hard work won’t come until after that first sale. For this reason, building a wardrobe in layers can be the most affordable way to go.

Begin with a general color scheme. By working with colors of the same tone or neutrals, you’ll have more options when it comes time to show those properties. Dressing in layers like a shirt and jacket, for example, means that you’ll be more comfortable moving from indoor and outdoor locations, too.

Maintaining Personal Style


While it will be important to pick professional clothes with clean lines and tailored cuts, this doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your sense of personal style. That is, if you’re someone who loves wearing ankle pants or a specific type of skirt, there’s no reason you can’t make these personal choices work for your wardrobe. Consider topping off more casual outfits with accessories like scarfs or the right jewelry to make a statement and dress things up without sacrificing your comfort or personal sense of style.

Buyers and sellers will want to know they can trust you. For this reason, dressing as authentically as possible will matter. Your confidence and comfort with yourself could even translate into sales. Find ways to dress in ways that give you confidence.

Dressing for Success


Dressing for success can start with clothing you already own. Go through your closet and separate work from daily clothes. In taking a fresh look at favorite items you already own, you’ll have a great place to start. Pay attention to colors you normally gravitate to, and section off a portion of your closet just for work. Being able to find the right outfit on short notice could pay off and translate into a sale when you least expect it.

In fact, part of dressing for success means being ready at a moment’s notice to take that extra showing or rush out of the office for pictures. Always keep professional jackets and a change of clothes in your vehicle in the event of spontaneous meetings or a spilled lunch. By being prepared to meet with buyers and sellers on-demand, you’ll increase your chances for success.

In closing, literally, you’ll be glad you put in the work of meeting license requirements and choosing a real estate career if you take the time to build a wardrobe the same way you did taking those quizzes to prepare for your real estate broker license exam. Best of luck to you in your real estate career!