Interested in Real Estate? Here’s an Offbeat Guide

a small bird house

Are you interested in learning about real estate? It’s a good idea to learn about it, whether it’s for private or commercial use. The best way to start educating yourself is with the basics. First, search for various sources of information about properties. You can also check social media sites — these usually have pictures and information that are not on official listings.

Buying real estate is about more than getting the lowest price. And selling is about more than striking a great deal. If you’re just getting started, here’s an offbeat guide.

Learn about different types of properties


Have you heard of micro-apartments and floating homes? Do you know the difference between investment and rental spaces? While there’s a lot to know, there are three main types of properties to focus on first: residential properties, commercial use properties, and investment properties.

Residential properties are homes bought as live-in spaces. With a commercial use property, your goal is business-related (for example, you can use these spaces to set up shops and restaurants). Finally, investment properties are usually spaces leased out to tenants.

Start your search online


You could be buying real estate as an investor, leasing out a property, or selling as an agent. Whatever the reason, think of how to market the space and to whom. Even as a buyer, it’s a good idea to understand the market.

Start by doing what the National Association of Realtors found most people do: Go online. Make sure your website emphasizes what you’re selling. Use great graphic design, and focus on getting reviews to improve your star rating. The bigger presence you have online, the more successful you will be.

Really sell it


Learn how to sell experiences, not just real estate. Add digital images to your listings, but use specific photos. For example, don’t list empty spaces. Instead, list furnished homes and fully-equipped kitchens.

You can hire a professional photographer, but you don’t have to. It’s easy enough to use a digital camera, basic editing tools, or a photo editor. You can use a free tool, but a good choice is to buy the best photo management software. Good photo editing tools will make your digital images stand out.

Store images on cloud storage or a free version of an image library until you pick a specific photo. Photo manager software will save storage space on your hard drive while you sort images. You can even list them online using a photo manager or an image organizer. The best solution is to invest in an excellent digital photo manager to streamline the process. Remember, have your photo management system and photo organizer optimized to view on a mobile device to get the most out of it.

When you meet potential customers, give them flash drives with the pictures. Make sure to include your business days and details about the property.

Little things make a big difference


When you’re investing, make sure that you look at spaces that focus on the details. And if you’re selling, remember that little things make a big difference. A property with advanced features is more attractive than one with just the basics.

Offer to add on a security system with facial recognition, or a great deal on products like photo manager programs. Even seemingly small add-ons like knives, stainless steel accents, or pots and pans with a nonstick coating will make a difference.

For rental properties, you can even team up with distributors to offer high-quality home products like Berlinger Haus cookware. Appealing add-ons will help a real estate space go from just okay to exciting for customers.

Follow up after a sale

Even if a great deal or the lowest price is included, an essential part of real estate is what comes after the sale. As a buyer, look for agents and sellers who will follow up with you.

As a seller, agent, or investor, remember that customer service is vital. Even the smallest things make a difference. Try calling on business days to make sure buyers are satisfied, or like images of their new home on social media sites. The best way to ensure success in this area is to be approachable and accessible. As stated by Harvard Business Review, even the most demanding customers will turn into happier ones if you focus on customer service.