Increasing Physical Security Around Your Home

Home is often referred to as a sanctuary or safe haven. It’s a place where we seek shelter, safety, and comfort. However, with the increasing rates of crime and burglary, maintaining the security of your home has become a concern for many homeowners. Physical security measures can be a way to dissuade potential intruders and safeguard your loved ones and valuable possessions. These measures aim to physically obstruct illegitimate activities, improve home safety, and create a fortress that cannot be easily penetrated. In this article, we will explore some major areas that can be enhanced for optimal home security.

Reinforcing Entry Points


A common mistake homeowners make is overlooking the security of doors and windows. Statistically, doors and windows are the most frequent entry points for burglars. Therefore, reinforcing these parts of your house can increase its security. You can start by installing deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Deadbolt locks are harder to pick and can withstand force better than traditional locks. Upgrading security doors is another way to reinforce entry points.

Security doors are constructed with a steel or metal frame, are much stronger than traditional wooden or plastic doors, and have complicated lock systems that are quite difficult to pick or force. Liberty Home Products offers quite an extensive range of high-quality security doors. They also have window well covers, storm doors, steel railings, window guards, and more. Working with professionals is always recommended and the experts who work for Liberty Home Products can assist you in finding the right products for your home.

For high-risk windows, consider installing laminated glass. These windows comprise multiple layers of glass and vinyl, making them extremely difficult to break. A vandal or burglar might manage to crack the window, but breaking through requires a considerable amount of time and effort, thereby increasing the chances of them being caught.

Effective Use of Lighting

Effective outdoor lighting is another critical aspect of enhancing home security. A well-lit property is often less appealing to potential intruders as it increases their chances of being seen and caught. Start by illuminating the main entry points like front and back doors, windows, and garage doors. Also, make sure that all walkways and driveways are well-lit. Motion-sensor lights can be particularly useful as they can startle any potential intruder lurking around your property.

When it comes to lighting within your home, try to create an illusion that someone is home even when you’re away. This can be achieved by using timers to turn on and off lights in different areas of your home at intervals, giving the impression that the house is occupied. Furthermore, ensure all security equipment such as cameras and motion sensors are also well illuminated. This will not only help them record clear images but also allow them to be easily visible to potential burglars, hopefully dissuading them from targeting your home.

Integrating Security Landscaping


Did you know that the landscaping around your home could also contribute to its security? Using elements of your garden as security tools could be a clever and natural way to enhance your home security. For instance, planting thorny bushes under windows or along fences can deter intruders from attempting to climb over. Similarly, trimming trees and bushes reduces the hiding spots for potential burglars and makes your house less appealing for break-ins. Landscaping can even raise the value of your home, as a bonus.

Aside from plants, consider using gravel or crushed stone for paths and driveways. These types of surfaces are noisy when walked upon, giving you a heads-up if someone is approaching your house. On the other hand, high and sturdy fences could make it quite challenging for an intruder to gain access to your property quickly. Other outdoor enhancements, such as installing a lock on your garden gate or getting a peephole for your front door can also be part of your comprehensive landscape security strategy.

As you can see, securing your home involves a comprehensive strategy that includes evaluating your current security status, reinforcing entry points, effective use of lighting, implementing security systems, integrating security landscaping, keeping valuables out of sight, and utilizing the power of your community. By covering all these areas, you can boost physical security around your house and keep your loved ones and belongings safe.