How to Ready Your Home For a Family-Friendly Summer

a man and a woman holding a kite

As summer approaches, it is time for you to ready your house for the upcoming outdoor activities and seasonal events. No matter how large your family is, there are some improvements and updates you can make to keep everyone safe and make sure everyone has a great time while the temperatures are high. If you know you’re ready to have fun in the sun with your family but are not sure where to start when it comes to getting your home seasonally prepared, keep reading for summer-specific home improvement tips.

Create an Outdoor Living Room

It’s time to drag out your outdoor lounge furniture from storage. Your backyard, patio, porch, or deck can be the new family hangout space, allowing for long summer evenings of family bonding, board games, and grilling out. Having a living room outside will be a luxury your kids—and partner—look forward to all year long.


Prepare Your Entryway for Incoming Youngsters

As you prepare to have more fun outside with your children, you should also prepare for things to get a little messy. If there is inclement weather such as a torrential downpour, you’ll thank yourself later for setting up a receiving station for wet jackets and muddy shoes by the front door. Keep a basket nearby so you can toss those soggy socks right into the dryer for fun the next day with no fuss about water or mud getting tracked through to the laundry room.


Make Sure Your Pool is Child-Safe

If you have an above or in-ground pool, it’s likely that your kids are raring to cannonball right into the deep end. Make sure you take a beat, though, to remind them of pool safety and to install swimming pool fences as needed. A pool fence will restrain the area where your less pool-confident children can swim, allowing them to stay safe while still enjoying the pool area.

While the fence may feel restrictive, they will be confident knowing their own limits and having them clearly marked. You can also purchase a removable pool fence to ensure that when your kids get to be stronger swimmers they can enjoy the full length of the pool without the pool fence there to provide guidance.


Get Outdoor Jobs Done During Work Lulls

If you have an outdoor job that you have been dreading, like painting the garage or starting a veggie garden, summer vacation is the perfect time to get started. Not only are the temperatures more comfortable, but you likely have a looser work schedule. You can make a fun activity out of it with your kids. Your children may even love planting a garden and learning about soil, water, and sunshine with you.

Give your kids some sneaky homework by having them research the best flowers, fruit, and vegetables for your climate and soil type. They’ll be thrilled to see their sprouts grow.


Repair Everything, then Focus on Fun

Don’t let anything get in the way of your summertime fun. Make sure all your appliances are in good repair, especially the washer and dryer, which may be seeing increased traffic from sweaty or muddy clothes, and your air conditioning unit so you can keep cool in the heat. Just search for “appliance repair in Honolulu” to find local appliance repair experts who have years of experience in-home service and schedule some service appointments at their next openings.

Having a technician come out to your home to service your washing machine or refrigerator will prove much more stress-free than attempting to figure it out yourself. Then, you can start your summer knowing everything is in great condition and is ready to take on the hot, fun days.