How to Insure the Car You Purchased at an Auction

a red sports car on a road

Owning a vehicle provides independence because you don’t have to rely on others to transport you places. It’s easier to purchase goods because you can store them in your trunk and don’t have to worry about trying to carry all your packages on public transit. For many people, owning a vehicle is the fulfillment of one of their earliest financial goals.

Purchasing a vehicle involves multiple steps. In addition to acquiring the funds needed to purchase a vehicle, you must find the car or motorcycle itself, acquire the title, and insure the vehicle you’ve purchased. Vehicles are expensive, whether you’re buying a motorcycle or an SUV, which is why you may decide to buy a used vehicle from a used car dealership or an auto auction site. If you opt to purchase a vehicle from a car auction, you can use these tips to address your insurance needs.

Find a reputable dealer.


Auto dealerships sell new vehicles, but if you’re purchasing a used car, you’ll have several options to consider. Car owners sell used vehicles directly. Used car dealerships also sell pre-owned vehicles. You may be able to save money buying a vehicle from the prior owner, but dealerships have a reputation to protect and don’t want to sell lemons. When you buy from a dealership, you can return to the dealership to address complaints if the vehicle doesn’t function properly.

Former owners and dealerships aren’t the only options, however. You can also opt to purchase a vehicle at an auction. Auto Auction Mall cuts out the middle man and enables you to buy affordable vehicles through an online auction. Googling “car auctions near me” leads you to their online car auction website, where you can review hundreds of vehicles up for auction. Each listing contains pertinent information about the vehicle, including its mileage, condition, location, and title status. You can opt to wait for the public auction and bid on a vehicle. Bidding can be a great way to get a vehicle for an affordable price. You can also choose the buy now option and pay the asking price for vehicles before going up for auction.

Choose a vehicle.


Once you identify your car shopping venue options, you need to choose a vehicle. It’s easy to be swayed by colors and design styles you like, but you may also have practical needs to consider. You may need a larger vehicle to carpool or transport your family. You may prioritize vehicle safety ratings, particularly if you have teenagers learning to drive.

There are also other factors to consider, such as resale value and insurance rates. Your vehicle’s insurance rate can be affected by theft or accident rates. For example, it’s easier for young drivers to afford smaller, cheaper vehicles. Since young drivers have higher accident rates, this means smaller, affordable cars are more likely to be involved in accidents, which could affect your accident rates. Cars targeted by thieves are also more expensive to insure.

Another consideration is whether you’re buying a salvage vehicle or a rebuilt title. Salvage vehicles are vehicles that have been damaged and written off by insurance companies. This doesn’t mean the vehicle doesn’t run. Car insurance companies write off vehicles because it costs more money to repair them than the vehicle is worth. Consequently, an older vehicle might be considered a write-off for minor structural damage, while a newer vehicle with extensive damage might not be written off.

Purchasing salvage vehicles can be a great way to acquire the parts needed to repair another vehicle. You can also opt to restore the vehicle.

Contact your insurance company.


Head to to find out how much it will cost to insure your new vehicle. Your insurance company will review your driving history and personal information, such as your age and location. Your credit history and marital status may also influence your rates. You may opt to discuss your purchase plans with your insurance company before buying a vehicle to ensure you choose a vehicle you can afford to insure. You may also be able to bundle your auto, home, and life insurance plans to reduce your insurance costs. Visit your insurance company’s website and enter your name, email address, and zip code to receive an insurance quote from their insurance agents. You can also ask questions to confirm what type of coverage you need for your new car.

When you opt to buy a used vehicle, you may purchase a vehicle from an auto auction. Contact an auto insurance company to determine how much it costs to insure your new vehicle and talk to an insurance agent to ensure you get the type of coverage you need.