How to Improve the Interior Design of Your Salon

a chair with a plant on the side

When opening a brick-and-mortar business, the design and decoration of your commercial space play a major role in creating the first impression. Your salon should be attractive and so well-designed that customers want to walk in. When you’re considering how to design your interior, you need to keep your target client in mind and think about what type of experience they will want to walk into.

Clients love to show off fun and unique experiences on Instagram, which is why you should consider how you can make your shop Instagram-worthy. The more new clients you can attract to your business, the more opportunities you’ll have to create a memorable customer experience shared on social media. There are plenty of ways that you can optimize the interior design of your salon to improve the overall experience of your clients and your staff.

First impressions only happen once.


The beauty industry is all about aesthetics, which means your interior needs to look great. A beautifully designed interior with quality furnishings will make your clients want to come back again. Your salon should always be clean and presentable, and so should your stylists.

Interior design companies have the expertise to design a multi-functional commercial space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and within budget. An experienced interior decorator can guide you through the design process and help you find the right inspiration to make your brand pop. Brayton Interiors has years of experience delivering a personal approach to the custom design of Colorado homes. The full-service interior design firm offers residential design, commercial interior design, and kitchen and bathroom renovation. Rated one of the top interior design firms Denver, their custom designs have been shared both nationally and worldwide.

Your design style should reflect your brand identity.


The interior design of your beauty business should reflect your brand identity. Clients should be able to see your company values and the added-value experience in your interior. The best way to make a lasting impression is to incorporate your concept of beauty and style into the interior design of your space. The color palette that you choose should be consistent with your marketing, design, and decór. Creating a strong brand identity requires consistency in conveying your company’s vision, mission, and character.

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Maximize comfort for both clients and staff.


Your beauty shop should be attractive to clients, but you also need to keep your stylists in mind. It’s important to design a functional interior that utilizes all available space while being a comfortable and appealing work environment for stylists. Your space should give stylists enough room to move around without bumping into each other or clients. A great way to convey your brand’s personality is with eclectic accent furniture and stylish salon stations and equipment.

The best way to improve the interior design of your salon is to create a memorable first impression that clients will want to come back for. Your interior decór should be functional and attractive while maximizing comfort and reflecting your brand identity.