3 Common College Degrees of Industrial Roofers

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A roofing career is a fulfilling and exciting one for anyone who is looking for variety and a change of pace. It’s also a great career for anyone who’s looking to work outdoors most of the time and enjoys working in a team. As a roofer, you’ll work as a tradesperson or contractor to repair, replace, and install the roofs of houses and buildings. You’ll also use a variety of construction materials like shingles, metal, and bitumen. This job is physically demanding and often involves climbing, heavy lifting, and kneeling. Roofing professionals can work at a city level, municipal level, or county level. They can also work with solar panels, foam, thatch, and glass panels.

If you’re working as a roofer, you’ll notice that college degrees can be beneficial to the trade. You can study construction, engineering, and property management, among other majors. They all provide value to your trade and can take your skills to another level of professionalism. Not to mention, a college degree can help you open your own business. You can learn how the business industry functions altogether and work on your roofing company start-up. Once you establish your company, you can hire roofers to do the hard work and then enjoy the benefits of your business.

Here are three common degrees that industrial roofers can earn in college.

1. Bachelor of Science in Construction Management


Roofing is part of the construction process of buildings and homes, so it’s no surprise that roofers might get a degree in construction management. Construction management involves learning about building materials, cost estimating, and blueprint reading. Students majoring in construction management will also learn about accounting, communications, and quality control.

This degree can help students land a position in a construction company or start one of their own. It can also offer them the opportunity to work in any field of construction they like, such as industrial roofing with a company like McDonald & Wetle. So, if you’re looking to make a living out of roofing, perhaps a degree in construction management will help you get further in your career.

2. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Moreover, if you’re working as a roofer but would like to get paid more for your labor, you can pursue a career in civil engineering. Civil engineers are praised in the construction industry for having extensive and specialized knowledge that can be used in the entirety of a construction project. They are often in charge of the planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of essential facilities like buildings and homes.

Civil engineers can also be in charge of the operations of these facilities depending on the industry. Not only do they work on homes, but they can also work on buildings such as airports and treatment plants, so your roofing job can be used to its maximum potential. If you’re leaning toward this degree, you can always speak with any of the best college admissions consultants online like Empowerly to guide you in your educational journey toward success.

3. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Lastly, if you dream of owning your own roofing business, you can always pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This degree will equip you with the tools to operate your own firm. As a student in this major, you will learn the skills necessary to operate organizations, projects, and people. You will also gain insight into today’s challenging market to work in a range of businesses, including manufacturing, retail, technology, and consulting.

Any of these degrees will help grow your career as a roofer so you can have a more fulfilling career.